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Chillz Good Vibes, Vol. 1


Chillz carves out a space for himself on his 9 track EP, 'GOOD VIBES'. He takes us on a familiar journey of life through his eyes, voice and melodies. The project begins with a subtle ‘INTRO’ grasping the listener's attention, followed by the first standout single 'GRATEFUL', which happens to be the lead single off the project. The single was released late 2018 and has since then been a familiar tune on Radio and TV. This sets the mood for subsequent soothing tracks 'SHUN' and 'GOOD VIBES'. On the next track, Chillz throws in a repetitive beat with strong kicks, which has a nice groove to it as he describes a feeling we’ve all experienced at one point or another; the feeling of being ‘DOWN’ and needing a shoulder to lean on, but from the shoulder’s point of view. The next song ‘CHOP LIFE’ features one of Nigeria's biggest stars FALZ and is a feel good tune urging listeners to live life to the fullest. ‘START AGAIN’, an interlude features talented musician SIR DAUDA, followed by final tracks ‘SMILE’ and ‘DEY ALRIGHT’.

  • Runtime: 24 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date: