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InQfive & Thab De Soul No Trust In This World (Original Mix)


InQfive and Thab De Soul grace us with another smooth musical work, aptly titled, “No Trust in This World”. In the aftermath of a physical loss, we look around us and question our surroundings. What once looked familiar now looks completely unfamiliar. The world as we once knew it is gone and we are obligated to become acquainted with a new world. In this musical work, the producers implore us to channel our fears over the tightrope of emotions and we reestablish our foundation with a firm grasp of control. A control that stabilizes our emotionally rocky state of not knowing what to expect and dreading the unknown. CREDITS Music Production by InQfive & Thab De Soul Composed by Tshepang Simon Mpinga & Thabang Cithunya Mastered by Mr. Eclectic, Pasqua Records Studio, Maryland

  • Producer: InQfive & Thab De Soul
  • Album: No Trust In This World
  • Release Date: