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Tina Ardor Bukhula


Tina Ardor, the multi-lingual artist from Nairobi, graces Celsius Degree with her first offering on this label, Bukhula. Her style straddles the borders of R & B, gospel and contains a solid dose of soul. In her singing delivery, she summons each word from her core. The glowing auditory aura that she radiates serves as an intimate conversation with the listener. In Bukhula, Tina presents a narrative of a self offering a sacrifice to Adonai for atonement. CREDITS Music Production by Saint Evo Vocals Performed by Christina Mwaura Composed by Christina Mwaura & Stephen Njeru Mastered by Mr. Eclectic, Pasqua Records Studio, Maryland Publishing: Celsius Degree Entertainment Limited

  • Producer: Saint Evo
  • Album: Bukhula
  • Release Date:

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