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CashColorCannabis Podcast Stacie Thompson Talks Table4Twenty, Nate Dogg Vibes, CashColorCusine & More


It's always a little more fun when the conversations include friends. Since relocating to Atlanta from Chicago, Stacie Thompson has been active networking in the community. After bumping into her a few events, we were able to strike up a friendship. I had the pleasure of having her on the show last night to discuss Table4Rwenty why Nate Dogg is her spirit animal, her relationship with cannabis and our upcoming collab, CashColorCuisine.This episode is sponsored by Jade's Elevation. Established April 20th in Memphis. TN, Jade's Elevation is a small family urban farm that focus on providing the best hemp products from seed to experience. Learn more about their amazing products and all the services they offer for farmers.

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