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CashColorCannabis Podcast Royal Smith Talks Theraputic Treats, Business Lessons For Entrepreneurs & More


I could really name this episode, "That One Moment That Created More Moments." Royal Smith is not just a good friend of mine, he is also a man with vision. When I first met him, it was at a indie music showcase in Atlanta. It was a shared love of cannabis that sparked our friendship. It was a conversation in my house a few months after our first encounter that created a nexus event. It was during that sesh that two people from different backgrounds realized that their ultimate success would come from something that many still demonized.  I credit Royal as the person who gave me the concept of CashColorCannabis. Today, Royal is owner of Therapeutic Treats. Providing handmade hemp chocolates confections that tickle the taste buds in many different ways. I had my good friend Royal in the studio to discuss Therapeutic Treats, how I confused him for an employee of the company, building the brand, how COVID changed his sales strategy and of course, how a conversation over a blunt changed the course of two lives. one of the reasonsAtlantabis Clothing ad. Save 10% when you use promo code CashColorCannabis at checkout. Support the show (

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