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CashColorCannabis Podcast Omari Lee With NYCannameds Talks Serving With A Purpose, Why Rappers Should


They say if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere! Omari Lee is putting that saying to the test. The Queens native stepped out on faith and walked into a new industry with hopes of serving more than just cannabis to his community. Located in the DUMBO, NY area, NYCannaMeds’ main focus has been on people who are low income and live in high-stress areas, providing an alternative to the steroid and opioid-based treatments patients are given for medical issues like HIV; cancer management; Crohn's disease; ALS; multiple sclerosis; PTSD, and others. Omari discussed how NYCannameds came to life, his passion to serve, why we shouldn't use celebrities as models for cannabis use, and more. This episode is sponsored by 

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