CashColorCannabis Podcast Kyrs Darkins Talks YahLife, Beating His Own Case, Helping Ralo and More


Super Bowl champion and former Green Bay Packer Kyrs Darkins knows about fighting for his life. After finding himself behind bars, Darkins learned the law and got himself out of jail. Since then, he's been on a quest to help brothers and sisters learn their rights. He's garned headlines as of late thanks to his work on behalf of Gucci Mane's artist, Ralo. Ralo was arrested last April and charged with trafficking $1 Million dollars cannabis. Darkins thinks that he, a long with YahLife can bring Ralo home.  We spoke to Kyrs about how his organization YahLife is reversing mass incarnation on cannabis cases and pushing for the freedom of Gucci Mane's artist Ralo while pushing for HOR approval of marijuana motions. 

  • Release Date: March 4, 2019