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CashColorCannabis Podcast Kris J Talks Becoming A Brand, Help From Matt Barnes & Why Cannabis Brands


It's always good to see friends reach their goals. For those who know the history of the CashColorCannabis Podcast, then you know that rapper Kris J was our very first guest ever! Kris and myself sat down for an interview December 2016.  Slowly, I've had the chance to watch Kris grow from local rapper in Atlanta to cannabis brand with high-profile supporters!  Kris came by the show recently to reflect on being the first guest ever on the show, talk growing as a brand, working with NBA champion and now podcast host Matt Barnes and why Black-owned cannabis brands should keep him on their radar.This episode was sponsored by, and Ardent! Use our promo code: CASHCOLORCANNABIS for a 30% discount off your purchase of an Ardent FX or Ardent Nova. Shop here Want to support the show? You can help keep the CashColorCannabis podcast going with a donati

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