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CashColorCannabis Podcast Hypur VP Tyler Beuerlein Discusses Misconceptions When it Comes to Cannabis


The cannabis industry is exploding and money is being made hand over fist. But where can a ganjapreneur put their money? A lack of banking options due to the plant still being on the schedule 1 drug list puts cannabis business in danger by not having a proper place to bank.Hypur can solve some of those problems. Founded on the belief that legitimate businesses should have access to basic banking services, Hyphur’s technology bridges the gap between traditional banking and payment systems and the unique needs of these businesses so financial institutions can confidently serve these industries.Today, we speak with Hypur VP Tyler Beuerlein about how Hyphur got started, clears up misconceptions cannabis business might have about banking, the need for a real banking option in cannabis and more.

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