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CashColorCannabis Podcast Branding, Pros and Cons of Mylar Bags, Setting Trends and More With Emerald


As a cannabis consumer, what you smoke is important. What’s also important is where and how you store your bud after you get it. Since the first stoner light up, finding a place to stash your bud has been a major priority. In the past, we used everything from pill bottles to Altoids case (word to the old Kanye). In today’s world, we have way better options when it comes to storing your weed. Recently, I had a sit-down conversation with the founder of Emerald Triangle Packaging Nkosi Felix. Based out of Atlanta, the company specializes in creating study, glass jars that hold everything from a few grams to half a pound. We discussed how the concept of Emerald Triangle Packaging came to life and how the pandemic helped him refine his business plan, the pros, and cons of mylar bags, being a Black face in a very, very White side of the industry, and more.This episode was sponsored by, and Ardent! Use our promo code: CASHCOLORCANNABIS for a 30% discount off your purchase of an Ardent FX or Ardent Nova. Shop here Want to support the show? You can help keep the CashColorCannabis podcast going with a donation.  Drop some change in the tip jar hereInstagram: CashColorCannabis Twitter: CashColorCanna Facebook: CashColorCannabis Produced by Urban Grow Media LLCSupport the show ( the show ( the show (

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