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CashColorCannabis Podcast BJay Fleming with Pure Lifestyle Explains How The Brand Came to Life & More


Cannabis accessories and products are trending up at a fast rate. Whether it’s because of the COVID, friendly views on consumption and growing social acceptance, Google is reporting more people than ever before are googling for cannabis accessories. Lucky for all new and old time consumers, almost all accessories you want or need could be easily available online. Tonight we speak with Brandon Fleming, In 2019, he had the idea to bring Pure Life to market. Consisting of rolling papers, trays and more, the brand was fully equipped to take advantage of peoples new level interest in everything cannabis. BJay spoke about Pure Life and how the line came to life, from pop-ups to online, what are the best ways for him to market and sell his products , sustaining the brand through COVID and more. This episode was sponsored by, and Ardent! Use our promo

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