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CashColorCannabis Podcast Antwanette McLaughlin Explains How The Trap Music Museum & Motel 21


The Trap Music Museum in Atlanta has become hottest tourist attraction in the city. Paying homage to some of the artists who helped pave the way for trap music, the museum is a place to go learn about the music and experience what it would be like to live the life of a hustler. In order for the idea for the museum to come to life, they had to tap someone who really thinks out the box. Antwanette McLaughlin with The Spice Group helped take the idea of The Trap Music Museum and take it from paper to reality. A former backup dancer, Antwanette turned her eye to the business side mid-career. No longer on stage, McLaughlin plays the background now. But her work takes center stage and draws all the spotlight.Antwanette came by the show recently to speak about her life in rap, how she transitioned from dance to business and helping bring to life The Trap Music Museum and Motel 21

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