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CashColorCannabis Podcast Alice Moon Talks CHS & Dealing With Doubters, Diversity in Cannabis, Psychedelics & More


Recently I had the chance to speak with Alice Moon. This conversation has been long in the works. I've been aware of Alice for some years now. While we have bumped into each other in the past, we never had a chance to have her sit down for an interview. Thank you zoom! While we couldn't have her live in Atlanta with us, we we're able to get her on zoom. Really great conversation. Alice spoke with us about social media, her relationship with cannabis, diversity and her fight with CHS (Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome) and she hopes her voice can raise awareness for others who suffer the same. Listen to her full interview now This episode was sponsored by For being a listener today, Atlantabis Clothing would like to offer you a discount! Shop and save 10% off your order when you use promo code: CASHCOLORCANNABIS Ardent. Use our

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