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Cambatta Cambatta - Kovid 24

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Kovid 24, is a 10 minutes and 24 seconds lyrical sternutation that is as relentless and infective as the COVID virus Cambatta vehemently describes and deconstructs throughout this bloody gem filled ballad. The twisted spine chilling beat is produced by The Heretic and it sounds like an endless bad dream, reflective of the worlds current quarantined fear-ridden psychological condition. Cambatta ingeniously connects and threads the corona/covid virus with the death Kobe Bryant and the George Floyd riots using clever word play. Digging deep into etymology, numerology, symbolism and several related reference points Cambatta makes keen observations and weaves them all together while keeping the integrity of the multiple syllabic rhyme scheme. Kovid 24 was created to be spread!

  • Producer: The Heretic
  • Release Date: