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Black Magik & Cambatta Black Magik & Cambatta Holy Ghost 2 Album Preview

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Holy Ghost 2 full album available at including the single "Shaka Zulu" Watch “Shaka Zulu” video: Purchase Holy Ghost 2 album: After the success of their December 2017 6-song EP The Holy Ghost, Harlem producer Black Magik and New Haven rapper Cambatta team up again less than 2 years later with 12 new groundbreaking songs on the full length follow up, Holy Ghost 2. Produced entirely by Black Magik You can purchase the rare limited edition USB card from which comes delivered to your doorstep loaded with content including bonus tracks, the Music Chakras documentary, behind-the-scenes footage of Black Magik and Cambatta in the studio, Holy Ghost 2 instrumental album, and you get an instant download of the full album Holy Ghost 2. Head to to get yours today. Available on a

  • Producer: Black Magik
  • Release Date: