calluswhenyoufree Word of Advice (with Christina C.)


Session 70: Word of Advice (with Christina C.) Eric links up with Christina C., co-host of the podcast Healin' Out Loud, for a conversation about the art of sharing and receiving advice, the ways that technology can affect discourse, and the importance of remembering your 'why' when pursuing creative endeavors. Christina and Eric also look back on their upbringings in Brooklyn and respective educational experiences in the New England area. TL;DL: Meet Christina → Similar Paths → Tone + Voice → The Ability To Have Discord → No Rights, No Wrongs → Solicited Advice → To Each Their Own → Inward First → Remember The Why → Take It Or Leave It ?! > Jump by Aisha T. (@aishatyler) >> "Is what I'm asking for something I'm willing to change to get?" - Christina C. (@xtinacologne) >> "You have to create it for you." - Eric W. (@ericcwilson) > Jayda G - "Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking on the DF)" > Qur'an Shaheed - "Heal" > Join the conversation at

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