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calluswhenyoufree There's An Art To It (with Alyssa B.)


Session 73: There's An Art To It (with Alyssa B.) Alyssa B. joins Eric and Aazim for a conversation covering creative leadership, the intersection of art and industry, and how trusting your inner voice can lead to liberation. Alyssa also reflects on her early artistic endeavors, previous professional experiences as a freelancer, and much more. TL;DL: Part Musician, Part Artist → Recombination → Passion x Profit → Setting Boundaries → The User Experience → Introducing Alyssa → Just A Suggestion → Creative Leadership → Inner Voice → Wandering ?! > Jump by Richard B. (#richardbach) >> "I'd rather celebrate someone for their own unique thoughts and creations." - Alyssa B. (@alyssa__buono) >> "Isn’t the whole point to also make money doing what you love?” - Eric W. (@ericcwilson) >> "Good leaders empower the people around them." - Aazim J. (@iseelucidly) > Gr

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