calluswhenyoufree The Agenda (with Michael P.)


Session 68: The Agenda (with Michael P.) Aazim and Eric are joined by Minnesota Vikings DT Michael Pierce for a free-flowing conversation about his upbringing in Alabama, his passion for football, and the realizations that he's had about legacy, impact, and friendship. Michael also opens about his charity work, religious beliefs, and how Kobe Bryant's 'mamba mentality' motivated his work ethic. TL;DL: Never Looked Back → It Was Destined → Welcome, Michael → Birds of a Feather → Mamba Mentality → Learn, Learn, Learn → Comeback Season → God Willing → An Open Mind → Health Is Wealth ?! > Jump by Bo J. (@bojackson) >> "It's out there for the taking. You gotta have faith and a great work ethic." - Michael P. (@mpierce_97) >> "I plan on doing everything I was doing previously, but better." - Eric W. (@ericcwilson) >> "The impact can really expand to a whole different aspect of humanity." - Aazim J. (@iseelucidly) > Anthony Hamilton - "Southern Stuff" > Mali Music - "Lord's Will" > Join the conversation at

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