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calluswhenyoufree Frontiers (with Kristen F.)


Session 71: Frontiers(with Kristen F.) Kristen F. calls in to tell Eric and Aazim about how she transitioned from a career in venture capital to become a full-time professional cyclist. Kristen also talks about her Alaskan upbringing, taking risks, and the importance of maintaining a sense of home when navigating unfamiliar environments. TL;DL: The Decision → You vs. You → More Than A Hobby → International Experiment → Risk Takers x Role Models → Hey There, Kristen → The Great Outdoors → Sense of Home → Any Path You Choose → Who Do You Want To Be ?! > Jump by Maliha B. (@meha128) >> "There's not necessarily successful careers, there's just successful people who will figure out how to be successful at whatever they do." - Kristen F. (@arcticfaulks) >> "It's just deeper than the 9 to 5.

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