calluswhenyoufree Super Friends (with Antonio P.)


Session 69: Super Friends (with Antonio P.) Antonio P. connects with Savannah and Aazim for a jocular discussion touching on parenthood, the evolution of sociocultural norms, and how popular culture and entertainment can unify folks from different walks of life. Antonio also regales the duo with his stories of growing up in the Bronx, obsessing over Game of Thrones, and serving as a co-host for his podcast Nerds of the Round (@thenerdsoftheround). TL;DL: Know Your Surroundings → Put It All Out There → Modern Family → Heart On Sleeve → It's Antonio x Hello Again, Savannah → Not Even A Question → Nerds of the Round → Geek Squad → Quit Gatekeeping → You Like This Too ?! > Jump by Stan L. (@therealstanlee) >> "It's cool to find that little bit of commonality between your coworkers to make everyone seem, you know, human." - Antonio P. (@tonefromacrossthehall) >> "Yes... this is definitely a cool indie band and not Battlestar Galactica..." - Savannah C. (@_savananan) >> "Don't you wanna share joy?" - Aazim J. (@iseelucidly) > Nine - "Whutcha Want" > Chris Faust - "New Krypton (feat. Carras Paton)" > Join the conversation at

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