calluswhenyoufree Pull Up A Seat (with Malliron H.)


Session 67: Pull Up A Seat (with Malliron H.) Malliron H. enlightens Eric and Aazim about how she is using her podcast Baddies with Business to build community through conversation with early-stage Black women entrepreneurs. The triad also chat about office politics, the significance of representation, and common misconceptions that people have about building lasting success. TL;DL: First In The Family → Knowing What's Possible → Personas → The Best Candidate → The Kudos + The Congrats → Hi, Malliron → Baddies With Business → Impact x Inspiration → Baking > Microwaving → I Said That ?! > Jump by Earl S. (@dmx) >> "Do the best you can with whatever you can and don't feel like you have to compare it to somebody else." - Malliron H. (@malachashi_) >> "Don’t pander to me." - Eric W. (@ericcwilson) >> "So much of the knowledge gap comes from being able to see things as a possibility." - Aazim J. (@iseelucidly) > Georgia Anne Muldrow - "Run Away" > D2X - "It Was Written" > Join the conversation at

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