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calluswhenyoufree Group Chat (with Shakur A.)


Session 72: Group Chat (with Shakur A.) Aazim and Eric are joined by Shakur A., the founder of facefwd (@facefwdapp), a new platform serving as the preeminent digital space for reaction-based videos. Shakur shares his thoughts on social media, how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted online interactions, and why video is such an important tool for social justice. TL;DL: Boston-Bred → Possibilities → Known/Unknown → Could've Been An Email → facefwd → Shared Moments → Salutations, Shakur → A Very Long Article → Sicko Mode → From The Frontline ?! > Jump by Karlous M. (@karlousm) >> "It's this idea of sharing moments with people no matter where they are and who they are." - Shakur A. (@thefffounder) >> "Even though we aren't here physically together, there's still definitely ways for us to connect." - Eric W. (@ericcwilson) >> "Maybe a GIF?" - Aazim J. (@iseelucidly)

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