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calluswhenyoufree Family Style (with Kadeem F.)


Session 38 : Family Style (with Kadeem F.) TL; DL: Cookies For Sale! → The Hustle Begins → Jeezy Taught Me → Introducing Kadeem → Work For What You Want → Short-Term Steps, Long-Term Leaps → The Blueprint of Hip-Hop → Trinidadian Roots → Find Your Own Peace → Stack Or Starve ?! > Jump by Percy M. (@masterp) >> "It's all about being over-prepared." - Kadeem F. (@kadeemprime) >> “How best can we utilize our creative talents and our hard work in order to leave somewhat of that legacy and impact?" - Eric W. (@ayofresco) >> "Part of it is carving your own identity, but then also part of it is continuing what your family did before you." - Aazim J. (@iseelucidly) > Larry June - “SLS 30 Days” > 50 Cent - “Hustler's Ambition” ~~ You Free ?! serves as a medium for digital natives to collect and converse about personal development, communal challenges and the ad

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