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calluswhenyoufree Bespoke (with Jesse B.)


Session 40: Bespoke (with Jesse B.) TL; DL: First Impressions → Subversion of Self-Expression → Introducing Jesse → Metropolitan Styles → Destinations x Alterations → Foreign Boutiques → Yeah, Just Pick What You Want → Japan... Italy... Australia... Poland → Return Trips → Where To Next ?! > Jump by Dillon J. (@DillonJacksonTV) >> "Sometimes nostalgia's better in the past." - Jesse B. (@blzk__) >> “That first impression is gonna hold weight." - Eric W. (@ayofresco) >> "Posh, very posh." - Aazim J. (@iseelucidly) > Genesis Owusu - "WUTD” > Jessy Lanza - "Giddy" ~~ You Free ?! serves as a medium for digital natives to collect and converse about personal development, communal challenges and the advancement of global human culture. Contact us: @calluswhenyoufree on IG @callwhenyoufree on Twitter

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