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calluswhenyoufree Action! (with Jay S.)


Session 37: Action! (with Jay S.) TL; DL: iMovie Memories → No Comfort Zone → Meet Jay → Indiana Associations → Man x Machine → "Family, Money, Land" → New York vs. The Norm → Cultural Evolution → Rosa, The Building Whisperer → When's The Shoot ?! ~~ > Jump by Quinzel P. (@socialqs) >> “You learn the dirty way, and then some of it still stays with you, even way into your professional career." - Jay S. (@jcsheets09) >> "What's on the internet, stays on the internet." - Eric W. (@ayofresco) >> "But it was the summer that changed everything." - Aazim J. (@iseelucidly) > Juelz Santana - "Life Changes (feat. Razah)" > Jenny Pakeera - "I'm Going Fine" ~~ You Free ?! serves as a medium for digital natives to collect and converse about personal development, communal challenges and the advancement of global human culture. Contact us: @call

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