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Cafe International - Dan Rosenberg - Semer Ensemble The Semer Ensemble and the Rescue of Jewish Music from 1930s Berlin


When the Nazis came to power in 1933, they banned Jews from performing music publicly, but two Berlin-based labels managed to record a wide range of music performed by leading Jewish Germans: classical soloists, religious songs, cabaret, and folk music. 79 years ago, on Kristallnacht, the Nazis escalated their violence against Jews, destroying 267 synagogues and over 7500 businesses, including the entire stock and master recordings of these record labels. Most of the musicians on these recordings were murdered in concentration camps. This documentary tells the incredible story of how collector Rainer Lotz, travelled the world to track down all 281 original 78 rpm records, and how the members of the Semer Ensemble including Alan Bern and Sasha Lurje brought this music back to life.

  • Producer: Dan Rosenberg
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