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BV Mobile Apps Podcast w/ Sean Garvey A Music Artist’s Guide To Publishing Your Own Book


Sean Garvey sits down with the artist and author Baba Sol to discuss his music career, his latest musical project "Aquarian King," and provides advice to artists on how to successfully publish their own book. Sol goes more in depth about the writing process, what it takes to publish a book, and how to be successful selling it. Listeners can also expect Baba Sol at the 2021 Camp N Trip festival from April 16th - 19th. For more information about Baba Sol Follow Baba Sol on IG Follow Baba Sol on FB Follow Sean Garvey on IG: To create your own app: 🎧 Music by: J. Keys (Anonymous Records) - @jkeysmusic

  • Producer: Sean Garvey & Aiman Khan
  • Release Date:

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