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Bre Swagz Most Doubted 2

Bre SwaGz

“Most Doubted 2 is my second EP and I’m just embracing being the underdog, flexing my skills and keeping it trill. The real are going to feel me.” – Says Bre SwaGz On Most Doubted 2, the follow up to 2019s Most Doubted EP, the New York native embraces both her personal and musical growth. “I feel like with my first EP Most Doubted, I was really just getting my feet wet trying to prove to myself that I was still capable of creating and doing my thing in a way that was true to who I truly am. I went out got my hand tatted, wrote a bunch of songs in 3-5 days, recorded them, dropped the tape, shot the videos, basically spent a bunch of money so I could look in the mirror and be like I’m invested now I got to take this serious. With this new EP Most Doubted 2 I’m not trying to prove anything,

  • Runtime: 33 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: