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Breaking Atoms The Power Of A Name


You know the name! The Breaking Atoms Podcast ain’t a damn thing changed! This week, Sumit and Chris, wax lyrical about the power of names and how they contribute to one's personality, perspective and overall steez. From government names to family names to surnames to rap names - the boys analyse meaning, impact and history of a range of epithets Supposedly, this is called onomastics. Whatever though. Things get kinda political when the word ‘nigger’* is discussed. Not only is it still the most inflammatory word in the world lexicon, it can make even make two close friends like Sumit and Chris feel awks. While Chris talks about how he is trying to wean the offensive word out of his vernacular, Sumit just listens like he’s police. What does your name mean? Would you ever disrespect your old earth by changing your name? Is it cool to change your name when you get married? These

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