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Breaking Atoms My World Cup Runneth Over featuring Soccer Sanchez


People are sick. World Cup fever has hit the masses and folks have been laid out. They've been fiending for their four-year fix. Then again, the World Cup is one of the few events that bring people together. For one month at least, we link up, drink up and act like decent human beings. This week, we welcome Bryan Sanchez aka Soccer Sanchez to the show. This man is a football tactician, statistician and more. He's a true footie know-it-all and he’s studied the beautiful game inside out. Sumit and Chris pick both sides of Sanchez’s brain and chat about World Cup history, best goals, legendary teams and his pick to lift the trophy when it's all said and done. Will Vladimir Putin be on his best behaviour? Who wants smoke with the Russian football hooligans? Can any of you point out where Kaliningrad is on a map? These are the questions... Get your 30-day free trial with Audible: www.

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