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Breaking Atoms Kanye West Doesn't Care About Black People


We like to work to a tight schedule and unleash the dragon on Friday mornings. But the past week has been a madness so we have to switch things up with an early drop. Kanye West is on one. We’re not sure what this particular ‘one’ actually is, but it’s crazy. In the last 24 hours, your man Mr. West said “slavery was a choice”. Fam. What part of the game is this? Harriet Tubman must be turning in her grave like remind my soul. We recorded this episode before the slavery comment but we can no longer sleep at night while this guy does the Devil’s work. Kanye must be stopped. Oh, and Nas... we’re very disappointed in you. No questions, we haven’t got any answers. Listen to Chris' Kanye West playlist on Apple Music here:

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