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Breaking Atoms Invasion of the Influencers


A couple of weeks ago, Sumit and Chris had a bit of an impromptu moan on the train. What was grinding their gears on this occasion was the influx of influencers online, off-line and in real life. First world problems but problems nonetheless. This week, the Breaking Atoms Boys stop, drop, shut 'em down and open up shop in a new studio to talk about influence in all its good and bad incarnations. They politic over the heroes and legends that influenced them, the rise of influencer marketing and try to work out exactly where these so-called influencers are leading us. It's messy out here and they just want a bit of clarity. Cool? Good. What is more important - followers or engagement? Who decides what amount of influence is enough to be an influencer? Where do influencers go when their influence runs out? These are the questions...

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