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Breaking Atoms Ep. 1: Hola' Hovito | The Ruler's Back: The Making of The Blueprint by Jay-Z


From Breaking Atoms comes our new original podcast series celebrating the 20th anniversary of Jay-Z’s sixth album, The Blueprint.    In this first episode, we double back to a post-Millenium New York where triumph and tragedy were both served in ample amounts. We’ll look at Jay-Z ascending to the top of the Rap kingdom, Roc-A-Fella Records becoming a dynasty, more people than ever listening to what the South had to say and Hip Hop evolving into a Unicron-like commercial juggernaut.   Guest appearances by Andrew Barber, Shawn Setaro, Oliver Wang, Nuface, Carl Lamarre, J’na Jefferson, Thandie Sibanda, Jayson Buford, Bianca Gracie, Deborah Mannis-Gardner, Young Guru, Bink, Miki Hellerbach, Just Blaze, Lily Mercer and Dylan Green   0:39 - Introduction by Sumit and Chris 1:22 - Sumit and Chris on Jay-Z’s career in the 90s and the lead up to The Blueprint’s release 3:11 - Sumit a

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