Dox Boogie & BZdaGod BRACE YASELF

  • Album: Dox Boogie & BZdaGod

High octane hiphop. An agressive verbal attack to a monstrous soundscape provided by Dox Boogie. BZDAGOD works words and twists metaphors and similes like master linguist. If you are a fan of hiphop and appreciate good music for being what it is... just that...GOOD MUSIC, as a matter of fact it's great music, and we are glad that we could bring this to our listeners. The feedback has been great, we have over 5000 plays on Soundcloud and it's time to share with the audio mack world.

  • Producer: Dox Boogie Music ASCAP
  • Album: Dox Boogie & BZdaGod
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