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Borelson This FAR



Toronto-based hip-hop artist Borelson joins the country to celebrate the Raptors NBA win by releasing, “This FAR,” his new single. Uniting with the victory, Borelson hopes to uplift everyone to achieve what they want in life with his latest song. “Finna find my pot-of-gold I will never sell my soul Best believe me I won’t stop ‘Til I get everything I deserve!” The upbeat track was created in collaboration with Nate Smith, a Toronto-based producer who is also known for producing tracks for TOBi, an r&b-soul and rap artist. “This FAR” also features the wind section of Bangerz Brass, a hip-hop brass band from Toronto, and trumpet player KnottRudy who has worked with the Wu-Tang Clan and J.Cole. The song, written and composed before the Raptors campaign, puts emphasis on overcoming obstacles by taking a leap of faith and remembering how far we’ve come to go even further in life. The capitalization on FAR comes from Borelson’s personal backronym: Faith/Focus, Actions and Resilience. Artwork by @TheCreativeGraham from an original photograph from @_keeems_

  • Producer: Nate Smith
  • Release Date: