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Aerotique & Glaceo Drive (Radio Edit)

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Driven by an infectiously groovy piano line, Drive is the kind of melodic deep house banger that never fails to take a party from zero to one-hundred. While the skeleton of the song supports chill listening, this tune’s MK-esque qualities make it perfect for the club or festival set. Released shortly after their successful September single, Always, Drive and its accompanying music video have the potential to perform at an elite level on playlists looking for pent up danceable energy packaged as a chilled out summer house tune. Of the track the duo says this: "Drive" is all about driving your car without any limitations and without thinking too much. it's the pure joy and happiness of driving fast cars that made us write that song. in this specific case it's the car which I featured on the cover and in the music video as well. I love thinking back to those moments I would spend with a

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