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Blvck Topia Illness

  • Album: Illness


Illness is a blue and powerful song, sang beautifully and melodiously with every vibration of the piano strike collaborating with hundred kicks and my indigenous-textured voice thereby causing an intended coarse and rawness. The emotions I can say well detailed, perhaps not up to the extent I wanted but a satisfactory level. The song is personal as I sang my reality figuratively – my struggles, although, not well expressed but consumed by the expression of what it led to – me meditating on how to end my so-called struggle, sigh. The title is rather subtle, even to me personally. I chose it randomly but a part of me just figured I could never choose something more suitable, it felt right. The song is a dark song, suicidal to be precise. The emotion is raw too.

  • Producer: Venom
  • Album: Illness
  • Release Date: