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Black Kalonji dabulamānzi LP: KING of ranKINGs

Black Kalonji

Black Kalonji’s Dabulamanzi was released 2 years back as his demo introducing his original alternate sound in the new world of diversity in Hip Hop. Fast forward to this year, this release is a Remastered Version of the project with the addition of 8 new songs with new features from Izzik & Dessy Frydays to mostly make this a Deluxe Version. Dabulamānzi means “Divider of Waters', I took this name for the project because of the diversity of sounds and genres on the album.

  • Producer: 193 Rennie, MΣNTVL DISTURBVNCΣ, Bryan The Mensah, 8notes, Khalasheen, Vacs, Fibonacci & Kaytranada
  • Runtime: 60 minutes, 20 songs
  • Release Date:
  • ℗ Free Resource Records