BLACK OWN RADIO Close Up Radio Spotlights Lana Elco Coaching


Roseville, CA – Lana Elco is a relationship coach and feminine empowerment coach for women who want to master feminine leadership and experience the deepest levels of intimacy with their partners. “I believe intimacy is more of an organic process,” says Lana. “It’s about relaxing into this intimate space together, focusing on exploration and just being genuinely curious about each other.” According to Lana, the reason we lose intimacy is because we don't build relationships based on these universal laws, but rather on societal patterns. These relationships may seem great in the beginning but inevitably get lost to this kind of approach. Lana describes her clients as independent, visionary women who have achieved success, but still feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied with the level of intimacy in their romantic relationships. Lana inspires these women to become confident leaders in their relationships. The founder of Her Intimate Universe & Empowered Women’s Club, Lana’s work is experiential, helping to create a shift in the body as well as the mind. She works with women on the energetic level and shows them how to embody their feminine power in their daily life to create deep, authentic and lasting relationships with their partners. “Talking is not enough. Your lover is your best healer,” says Lana. “We create experiences in their body, on emotional and spiritual levels, so they can feel it is tangible and real. It is all about embodiment and transcendence.” For more information, visit

  • Release Date: November 24, 2020