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Black Mattic Reset

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Black Mattic

RESET, the 20-track album is locked and loaded for release on December 6, 2021, and fans will be in for a real treat, as Black Mattic shows off his versatility on tracks like ‘Mile Walk’, ‘Yeah 4x’, ‘Black Girl Green Money’, ‘Drive By’, and ‘Block Head’ to name a few. The album pulled together this dynamic body of work from notable producers across the world. Fans can expect the likes of Yonas K and Currito Merino (Europe), JaeMally (Africa), The Architect (USA) and 3D, ZJ Elektra and Richie Di Studio (Jamaica). Others featured on the album include Claire Ha from Korea, Geisho from Spain, and Quantum from Jamaica.

  • Runtime: 61 minutes, 20 songs
  • Release Date: