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blackONwhite A day in the sad world of modern life

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After a day of complaining about social media & almost everyone who chose to comment agreeing I was left with sad about it all. So as usual I paint of write and record a song...I couldnt paint so after a miserable tim with lyrics & vocal I found my way to this. What is unique here is that this was a 3m song with an elaborate solo. I cut the 2 verses & chorus down to 1 verse and put the guitar at the very end. So as upset as I was I feel Ive dealt with the spirit of social media by coming in at 2m & if you really want to know if I really have a genre it should be evident to you if you listened to 1.20 in. My God people dont even have 2m any more. Thats my point.

  • Producer: Rick Hoffman
  • Album: To be announced
  • Release Date: