Billyracxx Shadows



he latest songs from Billyracxx is an exercise in surrealism; with a lo-fi aesthetic and hallucinogenic quality, "Shadows" feels like a trip into the darkest corners of the mind. The opening shot features a slow-burning zoom, ultimately revealing Billy's chosen traveling companion - an extraterrestrial, high off fumes no doubt. In one of the more visually striking moments, Billy performs in the background, while a satiated looking woman lies waiting on the mattress; behind her, her shadow moves as if independently of her body. Eventually, things proceed to get hot and heavy between them, albeit not in the way you might have anticipated - shorty is actually a vampire, and dines on his freshly severed artery with seductive glee. Overall, "Shadows" is certainly a strange and feverish trip - yet it's not without an eerie sense of comfort.

  • Producer: Mason Flynt
  • Release Date:

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