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Kiari The Stone Wrong Reasons (Prod. by Blair Norf)

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Kiari Stone

Kiari The Stone has been building quite the buzz behind him, amassing a huge local fan base, as well as making his stamp on the West Coast as whole. Born and raised on the North side of Las Vegas, the Sin City boy has been busy. Stone most recently opened up for Robb Bank$ on his ‘Death of My Teenage’ tour, as well as making a stop at SXSW 2017, performing as a part of his One Militia collective. While it’s been a busy 2017 for Stone so far, the best is yet to come. Gearing up to release his debut album, PRMSLND on 7/7, 20-year-old comes through with the newest single, “Wrong Reasons,” an infectious, melodically appealing track produced by frequent Freddie Gibbs collaborator, Blair Norf. Best known for his wordplay, Stone shines on this track like never before

  • Producer: Blair Norf
  • Album: PRMSLND
  • Release Date: