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DrugStxr Turbo Me


“Aye Zaytoven” It’s Drugstxr Nigga , Kno I’m Saying Let’s Go You I’m saying Bitch Talm Bout She Luv Me Bitch You Talm Bout You Luv YT or Some Chorus: Ha, She Talm Bout She Love Me I Respond Bitch Prolly Yt She Say That She Cant Wait To See DrugStxr On Tv , She Say I’m Ha Dexter Labratory She My DeeDee, I Was Up In Jail Inna Wall Fucking On A FeeFee, When I Look Up Inna Mirror Who Do Is See M E. Member We Was Young As Hell Running Round The City Shooting BBs, Nigga Talm Bout Battling DrugStxr He Must Wanna Be Me I’m With My Nigga YAYO We Like Mario And Luigi (Aye) Pull Up Smoking Onna Tree Tree (Aye) Sun Up Sun Down Chee Cheese (Aye) Opp Rode Down The Block Screaming Fuck Yae If I Woulda Caught He Was Beat Beat (Aye) Nigga Talm Bout DrugStxr Got Fake ????????????????

  • Producer: Zaytoven
  • Release Date:


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