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Kris Kemp Dumpster Diver the Musical

Dumpster Diver the Musical is a story about friendship, adventure, and dumpster diving. It tells the story of Faith, a nomadic dumpster diver, and Trevor, a conventional software engineer, who graduate college and head their separate ways. When they re-meet 4 years later, and Faith confronts Trevor with the truth about his company, he has a decision to make--to continue working their despite his knowledge, or to join with Faith and her friends to shut down the company. If you like "Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory" and "The Sound of Musical", you will like "Dumpster Diver the Musical". Visit our website to find out more ...

  • Producer: Kris Kemp
  • Runtime: 73 minutes, 15 songs
  • Release Date: