B.Eveready Throwback Theatre


Classic heaters from B.Eveready! “Throwback Theatre is a project that illustrates the fact that music made with passion & intention is timeless. The twist to this project is that the 5 songs all are from different years: the intense intro track “A.C.S.D. Intro” is from B’s 2012 release A Cold Summer’s Day, while the intellectual vibe that is “Conscious” featuring Scholarman, is a single from 2013. From B’s 2020 release The #OutGrind Mixtape, the lush “Undeniable” reappears, while an unreleased gem from 2014 produced by Pittsburgh’s Armstead Brown, “Something’s Missing” comes through as a 3 verse salvo against all things lacking. Rounding out the EP is a motivational trip called “U Already”, originally appearing on 2015’s #GS EP.

  • Runtime: 18 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date: April 17, 2020