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BehindTheBallerPodcast EP 91 - I'M OK BUT I THINK I CAN BE BETTER: COVID-19 Never Left & Spikes, J


Graduating High School in 1991 & needing to show up to the 30 year reunion next year, COVID-19' never left & is not messing around with these spikes, over 2 million people being infected & making a prediction, Florida & Orange County cases, getting back on your bike, getting a personal trainer, trying to finish J Balvin pieces & being backed up, upcoming Derek Jeter card giveaway, launching, upcoming PML Quickstrike, watching Infamous, King of Staten Island & Russell Simmons Documentary, a Forrest Gump story, Danny Masterson being charged, recent allegations against Chris D'Elia, black men being hanged around the country, grading people by test scores & more.  Test your ideas. Drop some new products. And get your money at:  Anyone who rocks with us and starts a page that includes Elliot, DM the link @benballerpod and we will promote your product to other loyal listeners like yourself on our main page and stories to show the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. 

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