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BehindTheBallerPodcast EP 66 - THIS WON'T BE A JOKE: Disappointing People & Impeding Martial Law,


Ben Baller who may become Ben Humble if this Quarantine goes on long enough. Korean Liam Neeson is here and ready to discuss: Being disappointed by people who still think this situation is a joke & aren't taking it seriously, Secretary of State claiming The Lockdown is lasting 3 months, Casanova contradicting himself, impending Martial Law, Officially in a Recession, Deferring mortgage payments, SBA Loans, learning how to barter, the numbers & there not being a cure, Chinese Quarantine vs. U.S. Quarantine, Friends who have COVID-19, The reality of getting sick now, there not being enough ventilators & masks, this being an airborne virus, outbreak potential & Rikers Island, Answering Fan Questions, Unsuccessful crews, The President of USA Affecting Millions of Lives & calling it "The Chinese Virus", The Most Racism since the 80's, upcoming guests, "Love Always Wins" & a whole lot more. 

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