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BehindTheBallerPodcast EP 230 - I GO AGAINST WHAT'S WRONG: The Heat From Last EP & The Travis Scott Concert Situation, BTC ATH & Crytpocurrency, Elon & Billy Talk, Hitting S


His name is Ben Baller, not Ben Humble & he's here to discuss: Waking up in San Francisco, the heat from last episode,, The Travis Scott concert situation, Ben Baller Did The Strain Drops, feeling good to buy some designer clothes, hitting The Rotunda, buying his first pair of Ugg Boots, meeting Billy Markus, Bitcoin hitting an all time high, Elon & Billy, seeing your dentist, The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, Sports Talk & more If you are interested in MLB, NBA, NFL & UFC Picks daily, weekly or monthly subscribe at & Follow @TheCaptainPicks on Instagram Produced by: DBPodcasts Follow @dbpodcasts on Instagram & Twitter Music by @lakeyinspired Available on all Podcast Platforms, YouTube & Behind The Baller Theme Music  Artist: Illegal Kartel (@illegal_kartel_mikal_shakur) Produced by: Gene Crenshaw @yuyuthemaker

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