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BehindTheBallerPodcast EP 137 - WE GOTTA GRAB THIS MFer BY THE BALLS: Ken Griffey Jr. Chain Raffle


This is Professional Podcasting! His name is Ben Baller, not Ben Humble & he's here to discuss: Being on lockdown in California, not enough leadership through COVID-19, upcoming vaccines, sadness in Japan& results in Australia, who the vaccine will go to first & someone who took it, those who aren't staying safe, Downtown Seattle & City Boxes, a thank you to those who bought merchandise, Tyson vs. Jones & Nate vs. Jake, Logan Paul wanting to fight Floyd Mayweather, Snoop Dogg Commentary & musical performances, Ken Griffey Jr. Topps 2020 card & chain raffle, NFL Week 12 & bets, clowns coming out of the woods to comment, what he's watching, House of Ho, Capping on the Gram & so much more. This episode is not to be missed! This episode is brought to you by Rally. Go to  Produced by: DBP CORP Follow @dbpodcasts on Instagram & Twitter Music by @lakeyinspired Available on all Podcast Platforms, YouTube & Behind The Baller Theme Music  Artist: Illegal Kartel (@illegal_kartel_mikal_shakur) Produced by: Gene Crenshaw @yuyuthemaker

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